Eye of God

February 19 through March 6, 2016
by Tim Blake Nelson
Directed by Christie Leigh Carver

by Tim Blake Nelson
directed by Christie Leigh Carver

In a small, dying Oklahoma town, a young woman finally meets her beau: a just-released convict with whom she’s corresponded for three years. We watch her story weave in and out of the memories of a weary detective investigating a grisly case in a nearby lake, and a broken, mute boy who may hold the key to the mystery.

Actor and playwright Tim Blake Nelson conjures a ghost town filled with damaged, desperate people and dark secrets in this haunting drama.


  • Sam Rogers: James Houston
  •  Jack: John Thompson
  • Ainsley: Arielle Beth
  • Dorothy: Heather Denges
  • Tom: James Jones
  • Willard Sprague: Lewis Decker
  • Les: Michael Stratton
  • Glen: David Bronovicki
  • Janice: Elizabeth Stamat
  • Del: Frank Lankey, Jr.
  • Lee: John W. Kennedy


  • Director: Christie Leigh Carver
  • Producer: Thom Boyer
  • Stage Manager: Andrea Polselli
  • Lighting Design: Ed Pearson
  • Lighting Assistant: Elyse Halloran
  • Set Design: Emily Russoniello
  • Prop Design: Diane Teichman and Evan Hutnick
  • Special Effect Makeup Design: Hilary Pearson

“REMARKABLE. An impassioned, unsparing investigation of a sadly familiar American tragedy…  Nelson [shows] courage in addressing some boldly profound questions rarely raised in today’s theater.” —Seattle Times.